PLEASE – Just shut up and SING!

Even though I’ve visited this subject before, it keeps rearing its ugly head in one way or another. What else can I do but share?

There are some days when I miss the simplicity of the music world past. Before technology came and ‘changed’ everything forever. I’m not referring to the days before video officially killed the radio star. After all, video was initially meant to paint a picture to go along with the sound.

Yes, it is tragic that many artists who weren’t the best-looking failed to impress the first ‘Mtv Generation’. (Christopher Cross, anyone?) But that’s why community college exists: to offer hope to those who want a second chance in life.

Back in the flawed but brilliant 80s, most of what we knew about our favorite artists came from either teen magazines, music video programs, or word of mouth (ie: rumors). Today, it’s completely different.

Bands have their own websites/forums from where they can talk about anything and everything. These subjects have ranged from their favorite electoral candidate to their favorite cologne.

On the surface, it sounds like a great thing. But then there are those moments when you feel like it’s become more about the artist than the art. Sometimes I don’t care to know about your family or what you had for breakfast. I want to hear about your ART.

That’s the beauty of having more than one web page – one for your art and another for your mundanity.

PLEASE, just shut up and sing!

Even the Dixie Chicks got the point… eventually.


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  1. Music has always had a political message – from it’s beginnings as communications methods in ancient times, carrying oral traditions, and the biases of the people who wrote the songs, on through the use of work songs in afrian american slave communities to communicate messages to fellow slaves, make fun of slave owners, and save sick and wounded slaves from being found out (by setting a slower temper), right on up to the undeniable messages of music in the 60s.

    Art and entertainment have two distinctive differences – Art INFORMS YOU, where as entertainment just placates you. If you want to be entertained, there are plenty of “entertainers” out there. If you want art, then don’t complain when real ARTISTS give it to you.

    • *applause*

  2. The funny thing is that prior to the Dixie Chicks’ political statement (which was not in their song) their songwriting was largely for entertainment. Since the whole fiasco their songwriting became heavily influenced by politics and the mess that goes with it.
    A genre like punk music is primarily focused around political statements and addressing injustice in the world.

  3. Friday night at a football game,
    The Lord’s Prayer said and the Anthem sang,
    A man said folks would you bow your heads,
    For a list of local Vietnam dead.

    Crying all alone under the stands,
    Was a piccolo player in the marching band,
    And one name read, and nobody really cared,
    Except a pretty little girl, with a bow in her hair.

    If “Travelin’ Soldier” doesn’t tell one of the great truths of the 1960’s and 70’s America, I don’t know what does.

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